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Summary of Public Feedback on Proposed Amendments to the Professional Engineers Act

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Professional Engineers Act Amendments
Professional Engineers

In June 2017, the Professional Engineers Board (PEB) asked for people's thoughts on some changes to the Professional Engineers Act. The goal was to help PEB do its job better, fix some old rules, and respond to what the industry needs. By July 10, 2017, when the asking period closed, most folks were on board with the changes.

Here’s a lowdown of the key points from the feedback of this original file for Professional Engineers Act Amendments:

Download PDF • 91KB

Boosting PEB's Role:

  • People liked the idea of PEB doing more to help the engineering profession grow. But, some were choosy about whether this should be for all engineering types or just specific ones.

  • PEB suggested a new list of overseas engineers who can work with our local pros, making it easier to work together on international projects.

  • There’s a new suggestion to let PEB give a slap on the wrist (like warnings or small fines) for smaller wrongdoings, instead of going full hammer.

Listening to the Industry:

  • Builders might get to hire Professional Engineers for certain jobs, aiming to level up the professionalism in the building sector.

  • There’s talk about letting engineering students take exams earlier, which could be a good thing for them.

Clearing Up Old Rules:

  • They want to make it clear that some rules only apply to certain types of engineering to avoid any confusion about illegal practices.

Extra Thoughts:

  • Some folks suggested that engineers should brush up on management, communication, and money matters to keep up with the digital world. And, maybe the PE Act should guide on things like regular maintenance and designing against terrorist threats.

PEB is thankful for all the feedback and will bring the supported changes to Parliament. This exercise shows how everyone’s coming together to tweak the rules, making sure our engineering scene stays top-notch and keeps up with what the industry needs.

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