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About Us

Ground Start in Complex Regularization

CVC Engineers was born from a modest yet distinct niche in Singapore’s engineering landscape, focusing on the regularization of unauthorized building structures. At a time when it was less common for Professional Engineers (PEs) to delve into this intricate area, we stepped up to the challenge. Our ability to interpret and implement the detailed guidelines of the BCA, URA, LTA and much more quickly set us apart, making us the recommended choice by even by authorities in ocassion for property owners needing compliance solutions.

Expanding Our Engineering Horizons

As we grew from our initial focus, CVC Engineers has blossomed into a collective of esteemed PEs, each a specialist in their respective fields. Our transition from being regularization experts to tackling diverse and significant engineering projects reflects our commitment to embracing complexity. We seek to challenge ourselves, preferring to solve the hard problems that others might avoid, driving both our growth and that of our clients

Excellence in Compliance and Engineering Innovation

Our journey has always been about more than just compliance; it's about setting new standards in engineering. We ensure every project, from residential to large-scale commercial, adheres to the highest benchmarks set by Singapore's regulatory bodies. Our team is adept at securing necessary clearances, plan approvals, and managing detailed risk assessments. We navigate the Building Control Act and Insignificant Building Works with precision, all while adhering to Development Control guidelines and sustainability regulations. Choosing Kiasu Constructs is choosing a partner dedicated to excellence in building regularization and innovative engineering solutions.