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Eh, Got News! New Accommodation Rules for WPHs in Singapore, Leh!

Oi, friends in the Construction, Marine Shipyard, or Process (CMP) sectors! Wah, got big changes coming lah! From 19 September 2023, if you want to bring non-Malaysian Work Permit Holders (WPHs) to our Lion City, must show where they stay first. Like that can ensure our workers live shiok shiok!

Why Like This, Ah?

Because of the COVID kacau, many projects got delayed, right? Now MOM bring in more WPHs to help. So many until 19% more by July 2023 compared to before virus times! But now, dormitories very packed, many workers stay outside. So, MOM say must check to make sure they stay comfortably.

Listen Up, Bosses! Important Things to Note:

  1. Must Show Proof: Starting 19 September 2023, must have things like tenancy agreement or contract with place they stay before your WPH can come in.

  2. Wait Long Long or Fast Fast?: If use official dormitory types, approval come in about one week. If choose private housing or hotel, maybe wait up to six weeks. So better plan properly!

  3. No Play Play: If you try to smoke and don't show proper place they stay, your work pass privileges might kena suspended. Alamak!

Let's Do Our Part

Too, Lah!

Government already add 17,000 new beds since December 2022, but we also can help out. If you can, build your own places like CTQs, TOLQs, or Factory Converted Dormitories (FCDs). Faster approval and workers also more happy!

And hor, try to depend less on foreign workers. More productive, more onz!

For more kopi-talk and info, can check out MOM website. And always stay tuned to Kiasu Constructs. We got your back, bro!

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